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David McCullough
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How old was Truman when his second term as president began?
(a) 50
(b) 29
(c) 64
(d) 73

2. Where do the Trumans live in Independence?
(a) Truman library
(b) Wtih Margaret and her husband
(c) Truman farm
(d) The family home of Bess Truman

3. Who was the leader of the Dixiecrats?
(a) Strom Thurmond
(b) Jefferson Davis
(c) Henry Wallace
(d) Adlai Stevenson

4. What new civilian agency is set up under Truman's presidency?
(a) Central Intelligence Agency
(b) Air Force
(c) Committee to Re-Elect the President
(d) Federal Bureau of Investigation

5. Why was it so important to create an Atomic Energy Commission?
(a) To prevent spies from access to the secrets
(b) To have a method of channeling funding to the project
(c) To make Truman look good
(d) To provide civilian, not military, control of this new awesome power

6. How much monthly income did Truman have after leaving the office of president?
(a) $200
(b) $112.56 per month
(c) $50,000
(d) $10,000 per month

7. How many people did Oppenheimer estimate the bomb would kill?
(a) 20,000
(b) 200,000
(c) Two million
(d) None

8. At the end of the war, how many service men and women were coming back to the American work force?
(a) 10 million
(b) 1 million
(c) 12 million
(d) None - they all re-enlisted

9. What is one Presidential first that is mentioned in this chapter?
(a) First Jewish president
(b) First presidential address to be broadcast on TV
(c) First president to ride in an automobile
(d) First presidential address to be printed in the newspaper

10. In what country was Potsdam located?
(a) Poland
(b) England
(c) Norway
(d) Germany

11. What weapon is Truman encouraged to authorize to end the Korean Conflict?
(a) Biological warfare
(b) Heavy tanks
(c) H-Bomb
(d) Atom bomb

12. What happens to the White House during Truman's second term?
(a) An airplane crashes into it
(b) It burns down
(c) It is attacked by the British
(d) It is completely renovated

13. What was the name of President Truman's custom built railway car?
(a) The Ferdinand Magellan
(b) Pullman Car #3457113
(c) The Titanic
(d) The George Washington

14. Which of Truman's family members accompanied him on the campaign trail?
(a) His mother and father
(b) His sister and mother
(c) His brother and his brother's wife and sons
(d) Bess and Margaret

15. What longtime cabinet member resigns due to a disagreement with Truman?
(a) Harold Ickes
(b) Robert E. Lee
(c) Andrew Jackson
(d) Henry Wallace

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the origination of the term "pinko?"

2. How much did the White House renovation cost?

3. Which country was able to assemble an atomic bomb after the USA?

4. Who was the leader of the Progressive Party who was in competition with the Democrats and Republicans in the 1948 election?

5. Why did Truman write an angry letter to the newspaper?

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