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David McCullough
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the end of the war, how many service men and women were coming back to the American work force?
(a) None - they all re-enlisted
(b) 1 million
(c) 12 million
(d) 10 million

2. How old was Truman when he passed away?
(a) 103
(b) 88
(c) 35
(d) 55

3. What was a Dixiecrat?
(a) A politician who endorsed the NAACP
(b) Members of the southern Democratic party who withdrew from the Truman's Democratic Party because of his stand on Civil Rights.
(c) A type of paper cup
(d) A politician who whistles Dixie

4. How much did the White House renovation cost?
(a) 1 million dollars
(b) 5.8 million dollars
(c) Nothing - all work was donated
(d) 300,000

5. How old was Truman when his second term as president began?
(a) 64
(b) 50
(c) 73
(d) 29

6. How many people did Oppenheimer estimate the bomb would kill?
(a) None
(b) 200,000
(c) 20,000
(d) Two million

7. How did the three world leaders enter the conference room in Potsdam?
(a) They were all on teleconference and did not use the doors
(b) Through the kitchen door
(c) Through the main door
(d) By three separate doors

8. Who was the leader of the Progressive Party who was in competition with the Democrats and Republicans in the 1948 election?
(a) Charlie Ross
(b) Henry Wallace
(c) Andrew Jackson
(d) Margaret Truman

9. What happens to Margaret after her father finishes her Presidential terms?
(a) She is kidnapped
(b) She dies in an automobile accident
(c) She joins the Peace Corps
(d) She marries and has four sons.

10. What career is Margaret Truman pursuing?
(a) Computer Science
(b) Acting
(c) Lab Technician
(d) Singing

11. What was the origination of the term "pinko?"
(a) It is a shortened version ofthe term pinkolator which was a brand of coffee maker
(b) Pinko referred to men who wore women's clothes
(c) Pinko was an affectionate name Harry gave Bess
(d) When a difference was pointed out between a red Communist and a lesser dedicated Communist, a pink one.

12. What is Adlai Stevenson's position when he runs for President?
(a) Secretary of War
(b) Governor of Illinois
(c) Private Citizen
(d) Senator from New Mexico

13. Who do Truman's supporters and staff encourage him to fire as a result of Fulbright's Senate committee report?
(a) George Marshall
(b) George Patton
(c) General MacArthur
(d) Bill Boyle, Democratic National Chairman

14. What geographical designation separated South Korea from North Korea?
(a) The Yang River
(b) The 41st parallel
(c) 38th Parallel
(d) The Alps

15. Which country was able to assemble an atomic bomb after the USA?
(a) Soviet Union
(b) France
(c) Israel
(d) China

Short Answer Questions

1. Who in the government has the final say regarding military matters?

2. Why doesn't the military deploy more divisions in North Korea?

3. Who was Truman's Vice President before Barkley?

4. What new civilian agency is set up under Truman's presidency?

5. Of all the labor strikes after the war, which is the one that brings Truman to the strongest action?

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