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David McCullough
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 5 Chapter 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was Truman's Vice President before Barkley?
(a) Henry Wallace
(b) Jim Pendergast
(c) No one
(d) Jimmy Byrnes

2. How did young Harry Truman like to occupy his time?
(a) In his room playing Dungeons and Dragons
(b) Playing the piano, reading books, and being with his family.
(c) Playing baseball, basketball and football
(d) Shoplifting from the pharmacy and smoking with friends

3. Which of Truman's commanders was the most unreasonable and was disliked the most by Truman?
(a) Pershing
(b) Klemm
(c) Jacobson
(d) Marshall

4. What was the most common method of travel for settlers in the 1800s to take to Independence?
(a) Interstate Highway
(b) Canoe
(c) Railway
(d) Steamboat

5. What was Independence Missouri's nickname in the 1840s?
(a) Mormon Paradise
(b) Land of Milk and Honey
(c) Queen City of the Trails
(d) Land of Enchantment

Short Answer Questions

1. During Churchill's speech in Missouri, as a guest of Truman, what term does Churchill use to describe the Soviet Union presence that became a common term?

2. Who was the man in charge of the American Expeditionary Forces in France in WWI?

3. What happened to the President's normal work when he was on the campaign trail?

4. What career did Margaret Truman plan to enter?

5. What was a whistle-stop?

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