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David McCullough
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 5 Chapter 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What two political positions did Truman want before he was allowed to run for Senate?
(a) Mayor of Lamar and Mayor of Independence
(b) Governor of MIssouri and Mayor fo Independence
(c) Governor of Missouri and Congressman from Missouri
(d) Mayor of Independence and Governor of Illinois

2. During Churchill's speech in Missouri, as a guest of Truman, what term does Churchill use to describe the Soviet Union presence that became a common term?
(a) Berlin Wall
(b) OPEC
(c) Axis of Evil
(d) Iron Curtain

3. Harry Truman travels to see Bess in Grandview. How many miles one way is the trip?
(a) Three hundred Miles
(b) Sixteen Miles
(c) One Mile
(d) Fifty Miles

4. Why does the Truman family move to Kansas City? .
(a) The Truman family were asked to leave town
(b) John Truman left the family to join the war
(c) John Truman has lost the family business and property due to bad investments in wheat futures
(d) Harry Truman forced them to move for his political ambition

5. Who was the leader of the Dixiecrats?
(a) Adlai Stevenson
(b) Strom Thurmond
(c) Jefferson Davis
(d) Henry Wallace

Short Answer Questions

1. Who won WWI?

2. What was a dollar-a-year man?

3. How many men and boys were killed in Quantrille's raid on Lawrence, Kansas?

4. When did the Democratic party decide to place Truman as Vice President on their ticket?

5. What happened to the President's normal work when he was on the campaign trail?

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