Objects & Places from Truman

David McCullough
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Independence, Missouri - Rural town in Midwestern USA

Trenches of World War I - Style of fighting war

Truman & Jacobson, Inc. - A mens clothing store in Independence Missouri

1944 Democratic Convention - A turning point in Truman's political career

Potsdam Conference - A critical meeting during WWII that decided the course of the war

Atomic Bomb - The method the USA chose to end the war

Wallace Affair - An incident of bad judgment during Truman's presidency

Ferdinand Magellan - Railroad car used in campaigning

McCarthy Hearings - Infamous meetings that destroyed the careers of actors, writers and producers in Hollywood, supposedly in search of communists.

Korean War - Intense conflict in southeast Asia involving the American military

Term Limits - A method of determining how long a person can continue in a political office.

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