Truman Character Descriptions

David McCullough
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Harry S Truman

A man who started out as a storekeeper and ended up playing a vital role in the history of the United States.

Bess Truman

A small town girl thrust unwillingly into the public eye because of her husband's career.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

A major figure in American history, a strong leader, and a contrast to Truman

The Pendergast Bosses

Influential brothers who were involved in political support, often for the favors granted to them for this support.

Douglas MacArthur

This person was a very popular general during the Korean War.

George Marshall

This person was a general and statesman.

Winston Churchill

This person was the Prime Minister of England during WWII.

Joseph Stalin

This person was the leader of the Soviet Union during WWII.

Charlie Ross

This person was a press Secretary at the White House.

Margaret Truman

This person was a child in the...

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