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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Dromedary encounter at sea?
(a) An American privateer.
(b) Good weather.
(c) A Barbary coast pirate.
(d) A French privateer.

2. Who is Stephen Maturin?
(a) Aubrey's nemesis.
(b) The surgeon aboard the Leopard.
(c) Another Navy Captain.
(d) The surgeon aboard the Surprise.

3. What news from the Admiral heartens Aubrey?
(a) The Surprise will soon be ready.
(b) He is being promoted.
(c) His wife has delivered twins.
(d) His father has recovered from a serious illness.

4. What are Aubrey and his crew supposed to travel across?
(a) The equator.
(b) A desert.
(c) The prime meridian.
(d) A mountain range.

5. What has Maturin recently purchased?
(a) A new outfit.
(b) A new ship.
(c) A diving bell.
(d) A cottage in Malta.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Mr. Martin?

2. What subject does Mrs. Fielding tutor?

3. Who is Mrs. Laura Fielding?

4. When will Aubrey be able to gather transportation and supplies?

5. What is happening to the Worcester?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who do Aubrey and his crew meet in Mubara and what does he tell them?

2. Describe the situation at the opening of Treason's Harbour.

3. What is Maturin's latest purchase and for what does he want to use it?

4. Where do Aubrey and Maturin encounter each other and why is Maturin there?

5. Why is the Dromedary early and what is the effect of that?

6. Who is Dr. Graham and about what is he concerned?

7. How do the men that respond to Captain Aubrey's summons appear?

8. What does Aubrey decide to do about waiting until the end of Ramadan?

9. What does Aubrey find when he checks on his crew?

10. Why do Maturin and Aubrey argue about the diving bell and what do they decide?

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