Treason's Harbour Character Descriptions

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Captain Jack Aubrey

This character is the seasoned captain of two ships, the Surprise and the Worcester.

Dr. Stephen Maturin

This character is trained as a naval surgeon and sailed along with Captain Aubrey on his missions to provide care for the crew as required.

Mrs. Laura Fielding

This character is a British citizen, a musician, and language tutor.

Thomas Pullings

This character served as Aubrey's midshipman, master's mate, first lieutenant, and captain.

Mr. Andrew Wray

This character holds the title of Acting Second Secretary in the British Navy.

Mr. Hairabedian

This character is the interpreter sent on the Dromedary to help Captain Aubrey communicate with other languages.

Andre Lesueur

This character is employed by the French government and working covertly in Malta.

Mr. Fielding

This character was imprisoned in a French prison named Bitche and managed to escape along with two other inmates.

Admiral Hartley

This character...

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