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Chapter One

• Treason's Harbour opens in Malta with a group of English ships under repairs.

• Aubrey and other captains languish unemployed as repairs are being effected. No promotions happen in dry dock.

• French intelligence agents observe the British officers and Stephan Maturin.

• One French agent, Lesueur, is pressuring Mrs. Fielding, whose husband is a captive of the French, to seduce Maturin for information.

• Mrs. Fielding is a language tutor and musician.

• Mrs. Fielding's dog, Ponto, falls into a well and Aubrey rescues it.

• Aubrey becomes friendly with both the dog and Mrs. Fielding.

Chapter Two

• Ponto becomes loyal to Aubrey, which leads to every assuming that Aubrey is having an affair with Mrs. Fielding.

• Aubrey assembles his men, who are in terrible physical and financial condition.

• Aubrey orders them all to row to an island and back for exercise.
• Aubrey visits a former commander, Admiral Hartley, who has...

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