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Andy Mulligan
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Rat use to light his hole dwelling?
(a) Flashlights.
(b) Torches.
(c) Candles.
(d) Floodlights.

2. When Gabriel Olondriz tells Olivia he is sorry that he has told the story of the government's corruption so often that it has lost something, what does he tell her it has lost?
(a) Breathing space.
(b) Solidarity.
(c) Freshness.
(d) Excitement.

3. How does Rat create an emergency exit inside the boys' tiny room above the laundry?
(a) He keeps a stick of dynamite by the bed.
(b) He keeps a knotted rope hanging outside the window.
(c) He loosens part of the roof.
(d) He chops a hole in the siding.

4. What gesture does Gardo make that Olivia says steadies her within the confines of the prison?
(a) He hugs her.
(b) He says her name.
(c) He strokes her hair.
(d) He takes her hand.

5. What is unusual about the second time Jose Angelico uses Frederico Gonz's services?
(a) He needs the product delivered.
(b) He wants the bill for the job to contain no personal information.
(c) He orders complete secrecy about the job.
(d) He needs the job done in a rush.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Rat have to do to Raphael in order to get him to unfreeze and to escape out of the roof hatch when the police come?

2. In what type of vehicle do Rat, Raphael, and Gardo flee after losing the police in the crowd of children?

3. What method does Gabriel Olondriz say that the government usually uses in order to steal money?

4. What news does Gardo deliver to Gabriel Olondriz that causes the old man to cry?

5. What method of payment does Olivia use to pay for Gardo's new clothes?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Gardo meets with the prison guard named Marco in order to pay a bribe for Gabriel Olondriz's Bible, how does Marco betray Gardo and how does Gardo then escape?

2. When Raphael and Gardo use Gabriel Olondriz's Bible in order to decipher the code included within the letter the boys had found within the train station locker, why is Rat unable to help them decipher the message and how does this inability add to the difference between him and the other two boys?

3. What method do Raphael, Gardo, and Rat use in order to evade the police after they leap from rooftop to rooftop in an attempt to escape?

4. Why does Gardo interrupt Olivia's narration of the jail visit with his own narration in Part 3, Chapter 6?

5. Of what crimes was Gabriel Olondriz falsely accused after his attempt to expose Senator Zapanta's corruption?

6. After the boys escape from the police's raid of the tenement building, where do they go and why is the place they go so crowded on this particular day?

7. The first two paragraphs of the Star Extra newspaper report included within the novel suggest that the police will soon find the money stolen from Senator Zapanta's house. Why are the police confident in their ability to find the money?

8. When the boys hide inside a small room within a tenement building, who first detects approaching danger and leads the other two boys out through the hole in the roof to safety?

9. What is seed-corn money and why does Senator Zapanta's theft of that money ultimately cost the poor twice as much as that seed-corn sum?

10. What are the three skills that Rat says he is the best at in life?

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