Trash Short Essay - Answer Key

Andy Mulligan
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1. When Raphael says that he and Gardo might as well be brothers, what evidence does he give to support this conclusion?

Raphael states that though he and Gardo are not biological brothers, they are as close as brothers. To support this conclusion, he says that Gardo always knows exactly what Raphael is thinking, is feeling, and is about to say, often before Raphael even knows these things himself.

2. What is a "special" (18) and how does the idea of a "special" widen the scope of the reader's understanding of Trash's setting?

A "special" (18) is what the dumpsite boys call a bag of trash that is intact and has come from the wealthier neighborhoods surrounding Behala. Raphael reveals that in those wealthier neighborhoods, there are toilets, so in addition to being more likely to find valuable items inside a special, they are less likely to find human waste to impede their search efforts. This information lets the reader know that there is indeed a socioeconomic hierarchy within Andy Mulligan's unnamed country. The dumpsite boys are just not fortunate enough to be a part of the higher strata.

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