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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who comes running in looking for Manus in Act 2, Scene 1?
(a) Owen.
(b) Sarah.
(c) Maire.
(d) Doalty.

2. What is the salary Manus is offered at the new hedge school in Act 2, Scene 1?
(a) 30 pounds a year.
(b) 42 pounds a year.
(c) 50 pounds a year.
(d) 25 pounds a year.

3. Whose baby was christened in the morning of Act 1?
(a) Millie Reardon's.
(b) Sarah O'Conner's.
(c) Nellie O'Keefe's.
(d) Nellie Ruadh's.

4. In Act 1, Jimmy ask Manus who he would choose between whose three daughters?
(a) Dionysus'.
(b) Homer's.
(c) Zeus'.
(d) Thor's.

5. Yolland claims in Act 2, Scene 1 that his father was born the very day that what fell?
(a) The British Empire.
(b) The American forces.
(c) Ireland.
(d) Bastille.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who translates for Captain Lancey when he comes to the school?

2. Where does Yolland say he would be if he'd not joined the army in Act 2, Scene 1?

3. What does Manus offer Maire when she asks for water in Act 1?

4. What is Doalty carrying when he enters in Act 1?

5. How many years has it been since they've had a hot summer, according to Owen in Act 2, Scene 1?

Short Essay Questions

1. How much time passes between Act 1 and Act 2? What is taking place at the beginning of Act 2?

2. Describe the character of Yolland. What are his feelings of Baile Beag?

3. Discuss how the theme of renaming is expressed in the play.

4. What is Hugh's response to Yolland's attempts to impress him?

5. Describe Owen upon his first entrance in Act 1. What is everyone's reaction to seeing him?

6. What does Sarah give to Manus in Act 1? What is his reaction?

7. Describe Sarah's character. What is her relationship to Manus?

8. What does Yolland tell Owen about Maire in Act 2?

9. What do we know of Doalty's behavior and recent actions based upon his entrance in Act 1?

10. What happens in Act 2 that leads up to Yolland realizing Owen's real name?

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