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Lesson 1 (from Act One)


Introduction to the Playwright

As an introduction to the study of Translations by Brian Friel, today's class will focus on the playwright. Students in the class will participate in group research activities, prepare presentations on different aspects of the playwright's life and works, and examine the common styles and themes of Brian Friel.


1) Group Activity: Assign the class to small groups of 3-6 each and introduce the students to the playwright and author Brian Friel. Brian Friel (born 1929) is an Irish playwright, director, and author. Friel began his career as a teacher and left instruction in 1960 to pursue a career as a writer. Each group will research the author and his works and prepare presentations for the class. Assign each group one of the following areas of focus for their research presentations:

• Childhood and education (including dates and locations)

• Major themes and stylistic elements in...

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