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Chapters 1-5

• Anne Sexton was an American poet who wrote poems to question her contemporaries.

• "The Gold Key" discusses the idea of opening up a door to transformed fairy tales.

• "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" retells the classic tale.

• "The White Snake," "Rumpelstiltskin," and "The Little Peasant" are other poems included in this section.

Chapters 6-9

• "Godfather Death" shuns the thirteenth child who is the chosen one.

• "Rapunzel" speaks of the princess who wishes to be rescued by throwing down her long hair.

• "Iron Hans" is a story of a madman in an enchanted forest.

• "Cinderella" is the story of the servant who becomes a princess.

Chapters 10-13

• "One-Eye, Two-Eyes, Three-Eyes" is a story of daughters with unusual eyes.

• "The Wonderful Musician" is a story about a man who wanders through the forest playing his fiddle.

• "Red Riding Hood" is a story about deception and how it...

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