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Short Answer Questions

1. What color is Lucy's mansion painted?

2. Who is recording Lucy's session with Dr. Paulsson?

3. What did the waitress at the Other Way lounge get from Pogue?

4. Who does Benton believe is Pogue's intended victim?

5. Who is the shy red headed man Scarpetta thinks of?

Short Essay Questions

1. What information is Dr. Paulsson able to give Lucy about Gilly?

2. What did Pogue and Mrs. Arnette discuss before he killed her as Pogue recalls in chapter fifty-one?

3. Describe what happens when Scarpetta first arrives at Mrs. Paulsson's home in the beginning of chapter thirty-one when Scarpetta goes to confront Mrs. Paulsson about the attack on Marino.

4. What does Lucy do to imply that she is nervous and shy when she first walks into Dr. Paulsson's office in chapter forty-five?

5. What does Mrs. Paulson tell Marino and Scarpetta about the man living next door, Pogue, in chapter forty-three?

6. Why does Scarpetta say that Pogue wouldn't have worried about catching the flu from Gilly Paulsson when he broke in to kill her even though Pogue had a disability that would have made the flu deadly to him?

7. What does Pogue think of Lucy's neighbor as he is going to check Lucy's mailbox to make sure the bomb isn't still there?

8. Describe the bomb that was left in Lucy's mailbox.

9. Describe the scene in chapter fifty-seven when Pogue goes into buy the Cuban cigars.

10. What does Rudy call Scarpetta to tell her in chapter forty-two?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Mrs. Paulsson talked about the dog Sweetie.

Part 1) What was significant about Mrs. Paulsson's explanation about the non existent dog?

Part 2) Why does Mrs. Paulsson continue to cling to the idea of a dog even after she is told that they know there never was a dog?

Part 3) Could there have been a pet other than a dog introduced or was the fact that the mythical pet was a dog important? Explain.

Essay Topic 2

Look at the family relationships seen in the story. Pick one of the following to write about.

Part 1) Describe what is known about the Paulsson family relationship. Was there any indication that Gilly's parents did or did not love her? Explain.

Part 2) Discuss the relationship between Scarpetta and Lucy. Is it possible that they will be able to reconcile their differences? Explain.

Part 3) Take a closer look at the family relationship between Pogue and his mother. What can be deducted about their relationship given Pogue's inner dialogue with his dead mother? What else can be gathered from Pogue that points to his family connections?

Essay Topic 3

There is an omniscient view in the book that gives the reader a broader view than the individual characters.

Part 1) Pick one of the characters in the book and explain how the book would have been different if the view had been seen only from their point of view.

Part 2) What would have changed in the story if Scarpetta had been aware of Pogue's motivations?

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