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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of gun does Lucy have with her?
(a) A forty five millimeter Ruger.
(b) A nine-millimeter Glock.
(c) A thirty aut six Penski.
(d) A thirty- eight Smith and Wesson.

2. Pogue believes Dr. Philpott ran out of what on purpose?
(a) Time.
(b) Tylenol.
(c) Antibiotics.
(d) The flu vaccine.

3. What is in Pogue's glove box?
(a) A wig is in Pogue's glovebox.
(b) A set of dentures are in Pogue's glovebox,
(c) A pair of Scarpetta's underwear is in Pogue's glovebox.
(d) A chocolate chip cookie is in Pogue's glovebox.

4. What shop is Pogue at on U.S. 1?
(a) The Tobacco Shop.
(b) The Market.
(c) The Gun and Pawn Shop.
(d) The Shoe Shop.

5. What logo is on the cup Rudy found in Lucy's mailbox?
(a) The Cat in the Hat.
(b) The 7/11 Big Gulp.
(c) The Jolly Green Giant.
(d) Route 44.

6. What does Kay ask of the foreman?
(a) Kay asks the foreman to take up a collection for the widow of Theordore Whitby.
(b) Kay asks the foreman to testify in court.
(c) Kay asks the foreman to let her drive the backhoe.
(d) Kay asks the foreman to let her look inside the condemned building.

7. How is those who work in the Anatomical Division thought of by their fellow employees?
(a) They are thought of being rather quiet.
(b) They are thought of being very conservative.
(c) They are thought of as being rather odd.
(d) They are thought of being rather meek.

8. What do Scarpetta and Marino fine in the house behind the Paulsson home?
(a) They find trade publications for the entertainment industry.
(b) They find pornographic magazines.
(c) They find the identification card belonging to Frank Paulsson.
(d) They find still warm food on the stove.

9. What hotel is Marino staying in?
(a) The Motel Eight.
(b) The Hilton.
(c) The Ritz Carlton.
(d) The Marriott.

10. What kind of metal is in the dust found at the Witby and Paulsson's crimes?
(a) Aluminum is in the dust.
(b) Iron is in the dust.
(c) Brass is in the dust.
(d) Steel is in the dust.

11. What red brick hotel reminds Lucy of a dragon?
(a) The Motel Eight.
(b) The Ritz Carlton.
(c) The St. Regis.
(d) The Highway Inn.

12. What did Dr. Paulsson buy from Mrs. Arnette?
(a) He bought his groceries from Mrs. Arnette.
(b) He bought his dog from Mrs. Arnette.
(c) Dr. Paulsson bought his house in Richmond from Mrs. Arnettte.
(d) He bought his car from Mrs. Arnette.

13. What does Dr. Paulsson do to Lucy first during his exam?
(a) He asks her age.
(b) He asks how long she uses her computer each day.
(c) He takes her blood pressure.
(d) He cleans her teeth.

14. What kind of cigars did Pogue purchase in the shop in the James Center?
(a) Cohibas.
(b) Cuban.
(c) Prince Albert.
(d) Romeo Y Julieta.

15. What color is the cup in Lucy's mailbox?
(a) The cup found in Lucy's mailbox is orange with a green lid.
(b) The cup found in Lucy's mailbox is white.
(c) The cup found in Lucy's mailbox is black.
(d) The cup found in Lucy's mailbox is green with an orange lid.

Short Answer Questions

1. What should morgues not have?

2. How does Mrs. Paulsson refer to Dr. Paulsson?

3. What kind of cigars did Pogue want to purchase?

4. What is in Pogue's pocket that he keeps touching?

5. What hasn't Benton used at his home?

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