Too Much and Never Enough Fun Activities

Mary L. Trump Ph.D.
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Design a poster that declaims your fictitious views on Trump's handling of Covid-19.

Photograph Album

Collect old photographs of the Trump family from newspapers and magazines and make an album.


Make a sketch of the house that Fred built and where several members of the Trump family lived at different times. Use your imagination about how it looked from the outside.


Write a short memoir by Linda Clapp, Mary Trump's mother, capturing the initial interactions with Freddy when she was a stewardess.

Personal Letter

Imagine that you are Mary Trump. Write a personal letter to Donald. Ask him to attend your birthday party.


As Donald Trump, write the script for a speech to be delivered at the opening of the Grand Hyatt.


Imagine that you are dramatizing the episode when Robert and Donald visit Freddy. Write the script of the play.



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