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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Mr. Ramsay thinks as he watches his wife reading?
(a) He thinks she is a good mother.
(b) He thinks she could be a philosopher.
(c) He thinks she is more intelligent than he is.
(d) He thinks she does not understand a word she is reading.

2. What is Mrs. Ramsay bringing to the Lighthouse for the keeper's ailing son?
(a) Gloves
(b) Knitted stockings
(c) A winter coat
(d) Knitted hat

3. Why does Mrs. Ramsay think it is a good idea for her husband to spend time at the summerhouse?
(a) To get away from his lectures and academia
(b) To swim and sail with the children
(c) To get some fresh air and sunshine
(d) To finish writing his new book

4. Mrs. Ramsay is excited that this character accepted her dinner invitation.
(a) Mr. Tansley
(b) Lily Briscoe
(c) Minta and Paul
(d) William Bankes

5. What does Paul decide to do when they cannot find the brooch?
(a) He decides to get up at dawn and look for it and buy a new one if he can't find it.
(b) He decides to forget about women.
(c) He decides to tell Minta that she is being too emotional.
(d) He decides it is time to forget about the brooch.

6. What does Mr. Ramsay think about the intelligence of human beings?
(a) Humans are ignorant, aware of nothing while the ocean eats away the land around us.
(b) Humans are brilliant, aware or all that happens around them.
(c) Humans are born with innate intelligence.
(d) Humans are able to understand and learn anything if they try.

7. Who says that the weather will not be nice enough for the trip?
(a) Mr. Carmichael
(b) Lily Briscoe
(c) Nancy
(d) Mr. Ramsay

8. Why does Mr. Ramsay become annoyed with Mrs. Ramsay, thinking he will go off alone?
(a) She doesn't want Andrew to go to college.
(b) She won't share her thoughts with him
(c) All she talks about are flowers.
(d) She keeps talking about going to the Lighthouse.

9. Why is Mr. Tansley insulted when Lily asks him to take her to the Lighthouse?
(a) She knows he is afraid of the water.
(b) He knows she doesn't really want to go with him.
(c) He knows that she asked Andrew first.
(d) She knows he gets seasick.

10. What is Lily's opinion about human relationships?
(a) Men and women know each other completely.
(b) People never really know one another in relationships, especially men and women.
(c) People can get to know one another with some effort.
(d) People understand each other for the most part.

11. Why does Mrs. Ramsay want Lily to get married?
(a) Because single women miss what life has to offer
(b) So she can have a family
(c) To have someone to support her
(d) So she won't be lonely

12. Why does William Bankes see Mrs. Ramsay as child-like?
(a) Because she enjoys swimming with the children
(b) Because she has an innocent smile
(c) Because she loves sweets
(d) Because she isn't aware of her beauty, wanting to be insignificant

13. What is Mr. Ramsay doing on the terrace as Mrs. Ramsay sits inside looking at catalogues?
(a) He is reading his book.
(b) He is repairing loose stones on the terrace.
(c) He is marching up and down reciting poetry.
(d) He is planting flowers for Mrs. Ramsay.

14. Why is Minta terrified that they will not find the brooch?
(a) The sand is blowing everywhere
(b) There are too many stones to look through
(c) They can't remember everywhere they have been
(d) The tide is coming in

15. What is the only thing Mr. Tansley has to count on?
(a) His father's money
(b) His relationship with Prue
(c) The Ramsay's friendship
(d) Writing his dissertation

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Mr. Ramsay react to being seen reciting poetry by Lily and Mr. Bankes?

2. What is the thing Mr. Bankes and Lily Briscoe see that they are not supposed to?

3. Where are James and his mother planning to take a trip?

4. Why is Nancy brooding?

5. What does Mrs. Ramsay think she could have managed better in her 50 years?

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