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Objective: These chapters introduce the reader to the Ramsay family and their innermost thoughts about one another. The objective of this lesson is to see that literature is relevant in all time periods. What is happening to the family members in the novel are the same things that happen to families today.

1) Have the students write a three paragraph essay describing their family life. Describe members of the family, and how each member influences the others. Have the students describe one of their family members that remind them of one of the Ramsay's.

2) Divide the class into groups and discuss the character, Mr. Tanslay. Have them make a list of Mr. Tanslay's characteristics and what the Ramsay's like or dislike about him. Compare the lists.

3) Homework: Have the students make a poster of their own family tree and the Ramsay's family tree. Display the family trees in...

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