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Build a Lighthouse

Construct a lighthouse as described in the final chapter of the book. Be creative, using materials such as: cardboard, paper mache, foam panels, Styrofoam, or Popsicle sticks. Make a base, hillside, and even a flashing light for the lighthouse lamp.

Make a Power Point Slide Show

Using images and passages from the novel, develop a power point slide show that exemplifies the message of the novel. When complete, someone who hasn't read the novel should be able to understand the author's message from the presentation.

Art Show

Have each student choose a person who has had an impact on his or her life, just as Mrs. Ramsay impacted Lily Briscoe's life. The student is to paint a portrait of the chosen person, using colors in watercolor, acrylics, or watercolor pencils. The portrait should evoke an emotional connection with the person. Display the portraits in art...

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