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Don Miller (author)
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Short Answer Questions

1. What book does Miller first read cover to cover?

2. In Chapter 9, how much advice is offered about girls?

3. According to Miller, living morally and responsibly in front of peers is an example of what type of behavior?

4. According to Miller, wise moves will pay off, but what can they not do?

5. In Chapter 11 on work ethics, what sacrifices does success often require early in one's life?

Short Essay Questions

1. What strategies does Miller recommend for learning to make wise decisions?

2. MacMurray is a successful photographer, gets up early, and makes long trips to get good shots that often fail. How does he explain his success to Miller?

3. In Chapter 7, Miller states that his definition of manhood changed over time. How did it change?

4. According to Miller and MacMurray, how does sin start?

5. What event changes Miller's attitude about his ability to be a good student in high school?

6. Miller learns to play chess from a friend. He also tells a story about a man, Salome Thomas-El teaching boys from a ghetto to play chess. He sees a connection between playing chess and life for young men raised without fathers. What is this connection?

7. In Chapter 11, the author focuses on the importance of reading as a significant skill for success in life. What does he say?

8. In Chapter 12, Miller examines work ethic with several stories. What are characteristics of a good work ethic according to Miller?

9. In Chapter 11, Miller addresses lessons learned about telling the truth and integrity. What does he do that starts this lesson?

10. In Chapter 9, Girls, Miller asserts that growing up without a father has left him poorly prepared to be in a relationship. Why is this surprising?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Miller's writes personally and passionately about the negative impact on boys' lives that are raised without a father. However, females raised without a father figure also experience significant negative impacts. Compare and contract the impact of the lack of a father figure on females in today's society.

Essay Topic 2

Miller ends the book with a return to a spiritual focus on faith and hope. What does he say he has learned about faith, hope, and a spiritual relationship?

Essay Topic 3

Miller's mother dies without telling him who his father is. There are many reasons why women would chose not to tell their children about how they were conceived or who their fathers were. Identify and discuss the reasons Miller's mother may have decided not to tell him who his father is. Discuss potential impact each reason may have had on Miller.

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