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Don Miller (author)
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Short Answer Questions

1. Miller's belief that he did not learn much about girls seems odd for a man who was raised in what kind of environment?

2. What does Miller believe about himself that affects his school performance?

3. In Chapter 9, Miller describes a story of watching a girl who met and broke up with several girls. What is the setting of the meetings between this girl and the boys?

4. According to Miller, what percentage of high school dropouts come from fatherless homes?

5. What does protecting the value of sex as part of commitment save, according to Miller?

Short Essay Questions

1. Many people, including the famous Dr. Alfred Kinsey, have researched sex. What have we learned from these sex researchers?

2. In Chapter 10, Miller makes a presentation to a fraternity on the topic of sex. What do these men suggest the consequences are for young men who decide to "live a moral high ground"?

3. As an adult, Miller often found himself having difficulty fitting in with the men in his church and life, particularly in his Bible study class. What did he think the problem was?

4. Chapter 11 is short and Miller learns some very valuable life lessons. What is different about this chapter?

5. In Chapter 11, what does the author tell us that he believes about college?

6. In Chapter 9, Girls, Miller asserts that growing up without a father has left him poorly prepared to be in a relationship. Why is this surprising?

7. In Chapter 9, why does Miller say that he dated?

8. Miller learns the secret to a successful love relationship from a married friend. According this married friend, what is this secret and what does it look like?

9. MacMurray is a successful photographer, gets up early, and makes long trips to get good shots that often fail. How does he explain his success to Miller?

10. In Chapter 11, Miller uses an example from a movie about a woman who does not return proper change for a purchase. This story illustrates an unusual way to describe sin. What is this?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In Chapters 2 and 4, Miller identifies three key turning points in his life: a.) David Gentiles; b.) reading President Eisenhower's autobiography; c.) taking a harrowing trip up a mountain with John MacMurray to photograph a sunset. Discuss these turning points and what Miller learns from each. What do these turning points have in common? What makes these turning points in his life?

Essay Topic 2

In Chapter 11, work ethic is examined. However, the author does not provide a definition of work ethic. Instead, he describes several work ethics characteristics.

a. Identify the characteristics that Miller indicates are parts of a work ethics. How did apply them to himself? Do you agree or not with the characteristics that he identified? What characteristics of a good work ethic did he not address?

b. Miller connects his understanding of work ethics of humans as a spiritual responsibility. How does he do this? Do you agree or not with his explanation of work ethics as spiritual responsibility?

c. In addition, there are many other critical characteristics of a good work ethic. What characteristics did he not address that he should address? Do these additional characteristics contribute to his comparison of work ethics to a faith based explanation?

Essay Topic 3

Miller ends the book with a return to a spiritual focus on faith and hope. What does he say he has learned about faith, hope, and a spiritual relationship?

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