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Don Miller (author)
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What time do people on the MacMurray household need to be awake by?
(a) 6:00 a.m.
(b) Everyone wakes up early except Miller.
(c) There is no set time to wake up.
(d) 9:00 a.m.

2. Miller writes Chapter 11 without making reference to whom?
(a) Mothers.
(b) Boys who are raised without fathers.
(c) Fathers.
(d) Mentors.

3. in Chapter 11, which object is used to teach Miller a valuable lesson about honesty?
(a) A stolen wallet.
(b) There was no object.
(c) A car.
(d) A cell phone.

4. Miller believes a famous person he saw interviewed is example of _____________?
(a) God's ability to forgive people who sin.
(b) A callused heart toward sin.
(c) A person who does not have to pay for their sins.
(d) A person who raised without a father.

5. In Chapter 11, Miller learns a lesson about integrity and describes examples of his actions that are character flaws. After learning this lesson, what does Miller do?
(a) He promises to never to do this again.
(b) He does not do anything.
(c) He asks God for forgiveness.
(d) He returns his cell phone.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 10, the men who listen to Miller present his talk question ________________?

2. Why do Travis and Miller think they may go to prison?

3. Which of the following is an important characteristic of becoming a man, according to Miller?

4. Which of MacMurray's children gets Miller out of bed by begging to be carried down the stairs?

5. Which of the following men taught chess to boys to teach them decision-making skills?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 11, Miller addresses lessons learned about telling the truth and integrity. What does he do that starts this lesson?

2. In Chapter 12, Miller examines work ethic with several stories. What are characteristics of a good work ethic according to Miller?

3. Chapter 7 is the last chapter in which Miller talks extensively about his mother. How does his thinking about his mother change from the beginning of this book to this chapter?

4. In Chapter 9, why does Miller say that he dated?

5. In Chapter 11, Miller uses an example from a movie about a woman who does not return proper change for a purchase. This story illustrates an unusual way to describe sin. What is this?

6. In Chapter 10, Miller makes a presentation to a fraternity on the topic of sex. What do these men suggest the consequences are for young men who decide to "live a moral high ground"?

7. Miller learns to play chess from a friend. He also tells a story about a man, Salome Thomas-El teaching boys from a ghetto to play chess. He sees a connection between playing chess and life for young men raised without fathers. What is this connection?

8. According to Miller, what does saying no to sex have in common with protecting the value of the American dollar?

9. In Chapter 13, the author describes his struggle with his self-esteem as a child. How does this affect his school performance?

10. Chapter 11 is short and Miller learns some very valuable life lessons. What is different about this chapter?

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