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Don Miller (author)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Initially, Miller assumes that work is God's punishment of people. Why?
(a) God does not punish people.
(b) It's punishment for mankind's sinful nature.
(c) For the right to be Christians.
(d) For the people who are lazy and do not want to work.

2. What other group of people besides boys and men without fathers does Miller recognize in Chapter 7?
(a) Women who grow up without a father.
(b) All men and women with fathers.
(c) Mothers of boys without fathers.
(d) Miller does not recognize any other groups in this chapter.

3. Miller uses the story of a girl who met and broke up with several boys in one morning to illustrate his points about girls. How many boys did this girl talk to in this story?
(a) Too many to count.
(b) None.
(c) Three
(d) Five.

4. Which of the following men taught chess to boys to teach them decision-making skills?
(a) Salome Thomas-El.
(b) Donald Miller.
(c) David Gentiles.
(d) John MacMurray.

5. In Chapter 11, Miller learns a lesson about integrity and describes examples of his actions that are character flaws. After learning this lesson, what does Miller do?
(a) He does not do anything.
(b) He promises to never to do this again.
(c) He asks God for forgiveness.
(d) He returns his cell phone.

6. What does Miller believe about himself that affects his school performance?
(a) He has no opinion about himself.
(b) He has a learning disability.
(c) He is a genius.
(d) He is stupid.

7. In the book, "Wild at Heart', what is the wound left in a man's soul by the absence of a father referred to as?
(a) Scar tissue.
(b) There is no term for this.
(c) "Hole in the up of a man's soul."
(d) "Father wound."

8. In Chapter 7 Miller searches for a definition of manhood. In doing so, Miller reaches a new definition of man, as any person _________.
(a) With a family.
(b) Who wears pants.
(c) He does not have a defintion.
(d) With male genitalia.

9. When Miller is able to find a men's Bible study group, what happens?
(a) The men accept Miller quickly.
(b) The men are mean to him.
(c) He is uncomfortable because the men use hunting and car metaphors in their discussions.
(d) The men schedule secret meetings and do not tell Miller.

10. Why do Travis and Miller think they may go to prison?
(a) Making stupid decisions at the wrong time.
(b) 85% of men in prison do not have fathers.
(c) They have broken many laws.
(d) All boys without fathers go to prison.

11. What does MacMurray believe is his payment for high-quality work?
(a) Sacrifices in time with his family.
(b) MacMurray does not have to pay for quality work.
(c) Many failed trips to get pictures.
(d) Everyone pays MacMurray for his best work.

12. What does Miller and his friend, Travis, fear?
(a) They fear nothing.
(b) They fear going to prison.
(c) They fear being alone.
(d) They fear the authorities.

13. Why does Miller believe he knows very little about girls?
(a) Because he has never asked a girl on a date.
(b) Because he is too embarassed to ask his friends about girls.
(c) Because every girl he asks out, has turns him down.
(d) Because he did not have a father to learn about girls from.

14. Where does Miller find a job when he moves to Oregon?
(a) At a bookstore.
(b) In a automotive shop.
(c) At a publishing company.
(d) At a coffee shop.

15. What do problems in a person's attitude toward work signal?
(a) Problems with a person's boss.
(b) Problems in a person's relationship with God.
(c) Problems with a person's family.
(d) That the person does not want to work.

Short Answer Questions

1. Miller's belief that he did not learn much about girls seems odd for a man who was raised in what kind of environment?

2. What class does Miller want to take in high school that he is not eligible for?

3. What does Miller say God gives for moral protection?

4. What grade does Miller make when he finishes this high school class?

5. Why does Miller refuse to participate in a Bible study group in his church?

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