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Don Miller (author)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who tells Miller the story about a woman who does not return correct change for a purchase?
(a) His father.
(b) Dr. Alfred Kinsey.
(c) A pastor.
(d) John MacMurray.

2. Miller learned a valuable life lesson in Chapter 11 despite the absence of who in his life?
(a) His father.
(b) A friend.
(c) A wife.
(d) A brother.

3. Miller believes a famous person he saw interviewed is example of _____________?
(a) A person who does not have to pay for their sins.
(b) God's ability to forgive people who sin.
(c) A callused heart toward sin.
(d) A person who raised without a father.

4. What does Miller believe about himself that affects his school performance?
(a) He has a learning disability.
(b) He is a genius.
(c) He is stupid.
(d) He has no opinion about himself.

5. What does MacMurray believe is his payment for high-quality work?
(a) Everyone pays MacMurray for his best work.
(b) Many failed trips to get pictures.
(c) MacMurray does not have to pay for quality work.
(d) Sacrifices in time with his family.

6. According the audience who listened to Miller give his talk, what happens to men who "take a moral high ground"?
(a) They cannot keep friends.
(b) They can become social outcasts.
(c) They become very popular.
(d) Nothing happens to these men.

7. In the book, "Wild at Heart', what is the wound left in a man's soul by the absence of a father referred to as?
(a) There is no term for this.
(b) Scar tissue.
(c) "Hole in the up of a man's soul."
(d) "Father wound."

8. What organization did Miller join in order to develop his idea of manhood?
(a) Promise Keepers.
(b) The local YMCA.
(c) A gym.
(d) A sports club.

9. Miller's mother dies without doing what?
(a) Telling Miller who his father is.
(b) Telling Miller that she loved him.
(c) Making a will.
(d) Making arrangements for her funeral.

10. Which of MacMurray's children gets Miller out of bed by begging to be carried down the stairs?
(a) MacMurray does not have any children.
(b) Cassy MacMurray.
(c) Elle MacMurray.
(d) MacMurray's children are grown.

11. In Chapter 7, why is Miller unsuccessful in his new organization?
(a) He is ostracized by the members.
(b) Miller is very successful in this new organization.
(c) He fails to follow through on two of the major rules.
(d) He makes negative statements about the organization.

12. What does Miller state that a "callused heart toward sin" is?
(a) An emotional response.
(b) Something people are born with.
(c) Easy to change.
(d) A character flaw.

13. Initially, Miller assumes that work is God's punishment of people. Why?
(a) God does not punish people.
(b) For the right to be Christians.
(c) For the people who are lazy and do not want to work.
(d) It's punishment for mankind's sinful nature.

14. Miller believes that young men should do what in order to make decisions?
(a) Talk to people with authority.
(b) Go to school.
(c) Pray and go to church.
(d) Find a mentor who makes wise decisions.

15. Chapter 11 relates a story from a movie about a woman who fails to return correct change for a purchase. How does the clerk at the gas station in this movie describe this woman?
(a) "Sells her character for nine dollars."
(b) An irresponsible woman.
(c) A woman in love.
(d) A cheat.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 10, the men who listen to Miller present his talk question ________________?

2. MacMurray criticizes which parts of Miller's work ethic?

3. Miller's belief that he did not learn much about girls seems odd for a man who was raised in what kind of environment?

4. What does Miller believe that men possess?

5. In Chapter 9, Miller describes a story of watching a girl who met and broke up with several girls. What is the setting of the meetings between this girl and the boys?

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