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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Julian say he found crying, "Help me, help me... help me, oh God, God, help me... oh help, help?"
(a) The woman who thinks she is the Virgin Mary.
(b) Jesus Christ.
(c) The guard.
(d) His wife.

2. What does Julian believe about his faith and his sanity?
(a) They are strong.
(b) They are weak.
(c) They are two separate entities.
(d) They are one in the same.

3. About what do they continue to rib each other?
(a) Their mistresses.
(b) Their strange clothing.
(c) Their love of birds.
(d) Their school yard nicknames.

4. How did Julian struggle?
(a) He felt alone growing up in the orphanage.
(b) Leaving his wife and child to join the priesthood.
(c) Mentally and spiritually over the Nature of God.
(d) Making friends with children at school.

5. Who is cooing and talking to the birds, trying to engage them to interact with him?
(a) Julian.
(b) The Cardinal.
(c) Miss Alice.
(d) A lawyer.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Julian describe as a quiet, plain woman with soft features; one year or so on either side of forty, married to the owner of a dry goods store?

2. What do the two discuss?

3. About what do the lawyer and butler relentlessly question Julian?

4. What does Miss Alice do when Julian tries to explain one more time that there is nothing much to tell, and it is simply a matter of his faith in God leaving him, and he committed himself to an asylum?

5. What does the first man not leave without?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the butler tell Julian about himself? What is Julian's response?

2. Describe Julian's initial encounter with Miss Alice.

3. What does the lawyer do when he enters?

4. What do the lawyer and butler do to Julian? What is Julian's response?

5. What does the lawyer do to Miss Alice, when the other two men leave?

6. What does the Cardinal tell Julian to accept? How does Julian respond?

7. What does Julian realize about the model of the mansion?

8. What do the two men relish?

9. What does the butler say about the wine cellar?

10. What idea do the two men explore, regarding the Cardinal?

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