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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Miss Alice play this game?
(a) She wants Julian to feel welcome.
(b) She is bored.
(c) She needs some physical activity.
(d) She merely wanted a little lightness to counter the gravity of their encounter, for the transfer of millions is indeed a weighty matter.

2. What does the butler share about himself with Julian?
(a) His name is also Julian.
(b) He does not enjoy being a butler.
(c) His name, as well as his occupation, is Butler.
(d) He is at Julian's service.

3. Where does this scene open?
(a) In the chapel.
(b) In the dining room of a mansion.
(c) In a library of a mansion.
(d) In the garden.

4. " God the creator, not the God _______________," he says.
(a) Of creation.
(b) Created by man.
(c) Who destroys.
(d) Who hates.

5. What happens to the conversation.
(a) It settles down.
(b) It gets even uglier.
(c) It turns into a brawl.
(d) It suddenly ends.

6. Because the mansion is so large, what must she do?
(a) Keep track of all the furniture, to make sure none goes missing.
(b) Spend a day in each room to feel that it is used.
(c) Hire someone to clean it.
(d) Feel ownership of at least one item in each room.

7. What would Miss Alice like to do for the church?
(a) Donate her time to a charity.
(b) Give a huge donation.
(c) Make new clothing for the priests.
(d) Teach Sunday school.

8. Why is Julian part of this trio?
(a) They believe Miss Alice would enjoy his company.
(b) The lawyer has such disdain for the Cardinal that the lawyer does not want the Cardinal's personal participation in the activities related to Miss Alice's grant to the church.
(c) Julian would make a good addition to their group.
(d) They want Julian to feel comfortable around them.

9. What are of the expected variety in a place of this grandeur?
(a) The beautiful, rare roses.
(b) A great arched doorway and the furnishings.
(c) The beautiful, exotic birds flying about.
(d) The hand-embroidered banners hanging along the walls.

10. What does Miss Alice say about the chairs in the various rooms?
(a) She purshased each one, herself.
(b) There is a chair in each room that is hers and hers alone.
(c) They are by different makers.
(d) They are all antiques.

11. How did Julian struggle?
(a) Making friends with children at school.
(b) He felt alone growing up in the orphanage.
(c) Mentally and spiritually over the Nature of God.
(d) Leaving his wife and child to join the priesthood.

12. What does Julian confide about a period during his stay at the asylum?
(a) He fell in love with one of the guards.
(b) He would not talk to anyone or eat anything.
(c) When he began to hallucinate and withdraw to a point where he was not certain when his mind was tricking him or when it was not.
(d) When he asked to leave, they put him in a single, dark cell.

13. What does Julian say he heard on that night in the asylum?
(a) Cats meowing.
(b) Rain falling on the roof.
(c) Cries or sobbing.
(d) Screaming.

14. What are both the butler and the lawyer, who have known each other for some time, quite eager to do?
(a) Leave Julian alone.
(b) Find Miss Alice and introduce her to Julian.
(c) Become friends with Julian.
(d) Pry and prey on this fresh specimen.

15. What would she like to do for the church for twenty years?
(a) Make a new robe for the priest every year.
(b) Spend one day a month working for a charity.
(c) Give one hundred million dollars a year.
(d) Teach Sunday school every week.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Julian admit to the butler when the lawyer leaves?

2. What do the two discuss?

3. How are the periods of hallucination announced?

4. What, at last, occurs?

5. What becomes evident about the two men as the conversation shifts?

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