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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the first man not leave without?
(a) Making a rude comment to Miss Alice.
(b) Kissing Miss Alice on the cheek.
(c) A snide comment or two.
(d) Hugging the second man.

2. Not to be outdone, what does the second person sling back?
(a) Remarks about the lawyer's career.
(b) Mud from the garden.
(c) The name the school children had for the lawyer, Hyena.
(d) Comments about the lawyer's family.

3. What is feminine, but not frilly, decorated in shades of blue?
(a) The dining room.
(b) The carriage.
(c) Miss Alice's dress.
(d) An upstairs sitting room of the castle.

4. Who delights in the lawyer's discomfort?
(a) The Cardinal.
(b) Miss Alice.
(c) Julian.
(d) The birds.

5. Why does Julian ask whether or not someone will soon be available?
(a) To confess his sins.
(b) To get a tour of the garden.
(c) To see him for his appointment.
(d) To take photographs of him and the birds.

6. Who does Julian describe as a quiet, plain woman with soft features; one year or so on either side of forty, married to the owner of a dry goods store?
(a) A woman in the asylum who thinks she is the Virgin Mary.
(b) A woman he befriended.
(c) His cellmate.
(d) A woman that worked at the asylum.

7. Why does Miss Alice play this game?
(a) She wants Julian to feel welcome.
(b) She is bored.
(c) She merely wanted a little lightness to counter the gravity of their encounter, for the transfer of millions is indeed a weighty matter.
(d) She needs some physical activity.

8. About what do they continue to rib each other?
(a) Their love of birds.
(b) Their strange clothing.
(c) Their school yard nicknames.
(d) Their mistresses.

9. How does the second person make his insult more insulting?
(a) He makes the same comment over and over again.
(b) He throws more mud.
(c) She throws more mud.
(d) He draws it out in his speech dramatically.

10. How does Miss Alice challenge Julian?
(a) To an arm wrestling competition.
(b) To tell him what he thinks of her.
(c) To know more about his life.
(d) She asks him why he is a lay brother and not a priest.

11. What does Julian say when Miss Alice invites him to talk about himself?
(a) He gladly tells her his life story.
(b) He is very self deprecating and defers to the background information they already have on him, complete with the missing six blank years.
(c) He says nothing.
(d) He is open and honest.

12. Julian says "It is God the mover, not God ______________."
(a) The shaker.
(b) The puppet.
(c) The maker.
(d) The frozen.

13. For whom is the larger of the two chairs?
(a) His Eminence.
(b) Miss Alice.
(c) The lawyer.
(d) The Pope.

14. What does the butler do?
(a) Enters and agrees that the model is an extraordinary piece of work.
(b) Writes down the measurements.
(c) Dusts the model.
(d) Teases the Cardinal.

15. How does Julian respond to Miss Alice's game?
(a) With astonishment.
(b) With anger.
(c) With desire.
(d) With embarrassment.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the scene end?

2. How does Julian describe his loss of faith?

3. What do the two discuss about the details of this creation?

4. What is the most intriguing element?

5. Why would Julian ask a nurse or one of the attendants, "Could you tell me, did I preach last night?"

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