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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is in massive scale?
(a) The flowers.
(b) The crosses.
(c) The chairs.
(d) The room.

2. What question does Miss Alice ask that shocks Julian?
(a) Have you slept with many women?
(b) Do you find me attractive?
(c) Will you sleep with me?
(d) Why do you want to be a priest?

3. How does the butler feel about listening to Julian?
(a) Nervous.
(b) Sad.
(c) Enthralled.
(d) Bored.

4. What does Julian confide about a period during his stay at the asylum?
(a) When he asked to leave, they put him in a single, dark cell.
(b) When he began to hallucinate and withdraw to a point where he was not certain when his mind was tricking him or when it was not.
(c) He fell in love with one of the guards.
(d) He would not talk to anyone or eat anything.

5. Who delights in the lawyer's discomfort?
(a) The birds.
(b) Miss Alice.
(c) The Cardinal.
(d) Julian.

6. What kind of conversation does the trio enter?
(a) Banter and jabs at each other's looks and interests.
(b) A serious one.
(c) A light-hearted one.
(d) Of mixed messages and misunderstandings.

7. To what building's architecture is this building compared?
(a) A castle.
(b) A cathedral.
(c) A estuary.
(d) A monastery.

8. How does the second person react?
(a) With joy.
(b) With surprise.
(c) With skepticism.
(d) With tears.

9. Why would Julian ask a nurse or one of the attendants, "Could you tell me, did I preach last night?"
(a) To sort out his imaginings from what was real.
(b) To make sure he had arrived to preach.
(c) To see what they thought about it.
(d) He wanted to know what he had preached.

10. What is Julian?
(a) A lay brother.
(b) An evangelist.
(c) A member of the church choir.
(d) A priest.

11. What is the most intriguing element?
(a) The cardinals flying around.
(b) A huge dollhouse model of the mansion.
(c) The fountain in the middle of the garden.
(d) The crucifix hanging above the altar.

12. Why is it appropriate?
(a) Because the birds understand each other so much better than would birds of any other kind.
(b) They are cardinals, just like the Cardinal.
(c) The lawyer and the Cardinal are friends that have grown up in the same household.
(d) The Cardinal is no more intelligent than a bird.

13. How do the two continue to insult one another?
(a) They glare at one another.
(b) Each man begins to question the intimate relations of the other's mother and their resulting parentage.
(c) They do so with swinging fists.
(d) They whisper nasty remarks under their breath.

14. What does Julian say he heard on that night in the asylum?
(a) Cats meowing.
(b) Screaming.
(c) Rain falling on the roof.
(d) Cries or sobbing.

15. What is said about the appropriateness of the two cardinals?
(a) They are as dull as the Cardinal.
(b) They are best friends, just like the lawyer and Cardinal.
(c) There should be two in such close quarters in that particular location.
(d) They are the same color as the Cardinal.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the lawyer initiate a discussion of his animosity for the Cardinal?

2. What does Miss Alice do when Julian tries to explain one more time that there is nothing much to tell, and it is simply a matter of his faith in God leaving him, and he committed himself to an asylum?

3. What do the two discuss about the details of this creation?

4. Over what do the two original characters banter a while longer?

5. What does the butler do?

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