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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the two continue to insult one another?
(a) Each man begins to question the intimate relations of the other's mother and their resulting parentage.
(b) They whisper nasty remarks under their breath.
(c) They glare at one another.
(d) They do so with swinging fists.

2. What are of the expected variety in a place of this grandeur?
(a) The hand-embroidered banners hanging along the walls.
(b) The beautiful, exotic birds flying about.
(c) The beautiful, rare roses.
(d) A great arched doorway and the furnishings.

3. Julian is intrigued by the butler's coincidence. How does the Butler feel?
(a) Just as excited.
(b) Nonplussed about almost everything.
(c) Sad.
(d) Unsure about Julian.

4. What does Julian admit to the butler when the lawyer leaves?
(a) He was orphaned as a child.
(b) He has a wife and child in the country.
(c) The blank six years of his life were spent in an insane asylum.
(d) He grew up in London.

5. What species of bird is in the birdcage?
(a) Doves.
(b) Sparrows.
(c) Wrens.
(d) Cardinal.

6. What is in massive scale?
(a) The crosses.
(b) The chairs.
(c) The room.
(d) The flowers.

7. To what building's architecture is this building compared?
(a) A cathedral.
(b) A monastery.
(c) A estuary.
(d) A castle.

8. Who is studying this creation from all angles?
(a) The Cardinal.
(b) Julian.
(c) Miss Alice.
(d) The lawyer.

9. How does the scene end?
(a) The lawyer, Cardinal, and Miss Alice plot.
(b) The lawyer goes back to talking to the birds.
(c) As the Cardinal coos to the birds, asking if they are able to comfort each other.
(d) Miss Alice asks the birds to help her deal with the plans she has in mind.

10. What, at last, occurs?
(a) A fight.
(b) A break in this ugly dialogue.
(c) They cry and hug.
(d) They stop fighting and apologize.

11. What happens to the conversation.
(a) It turns into a brawl.
(b) It gets even uglier.
(c) It suddenly ends.
(d) It settles down.

12. What question does Miss Alice ask that shocks Julian?
(a) Why do you want to be a priest?
(b) Do you find me attractive?
(c) Have you slept with many women?
(d) Will you sleep with me?

13. What does the Butler point out?
(a) If Julian were to look into the window of the model, an exact duplicate of the room in which they stand can be seen with every detail intact, even down to the brass candlesticks.
(b) The crucifix is exactly perpendicular to the altar.
(c) The cardinals control the behavior of the other birds.
(d) The garden is completely symmetrical.

14. How does the play open?
(a) In the garden of a Cardinal of the Catholic Church.
(b) In Miss Alice's garden.
(c) In a Catholic Church.
(d) In a mansion.

15. How does Julian describe his loss of faith?
(a) He let contact with his faith slip away, seeding a deep sadness.
(b) It was a slow, gradual, and painful loss.
(c) He woke up one morning and no longer had faith.
(d) He lost his faith when his parents died.

Short Answer Questions

1. What will Julian do for Miss Alice?

2. What kind of conversation does the trio enter?

3. What does the first man not leave without?

4. What would she like to do for the church for twenty years?

5. Not to be outdone, what does the second person sling back?

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