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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1, Scene 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Miss Alice's response when Julian tries to explain to her that he wondered if he imagined so many things or whether so many things he thought had come to play in his imagination?
(a) She suggests that he may just be describing what passes for sanity.
(b) She finds him a perfect candidate for the priesthood.
(c) She wants to take him back to the asylum.
(d) She thinks he is still insane.

2. What are both the butler and the lawyer, who have known each other for some time, quite eager to do?
(a) Become friends with Julian.
(b) Find Miss Alice and introduce her to Julian.
(c) Leave Julian alone.
(d) Pry and prey on this fresh specimen.

3. What does Miss Alice do when Julian tries to explain one more time that there is nothing much to tell, and it is simply a matter of his faith in God leaving him, and he committed himself to an asylum?
(a) She moves on to a new topic.
(b) She does not agree with him.
(c) She argues with him.
(d) She will not let go of it.

4. How does the second person make his insult more insulting?
(a) She throws more mud.
(b) He throws more mud.
(c) He makes the same comment over and over again.
(d) He draws it out in his speech dramatically.

5. How does Julian describe his loss of faith?
(a) He woke up one morning and no longer had faith.
(b) It was a slow, gradual, and painful loss.
(c) He lost his faith when his parents died.
(d) He let contact with his faith slip away, seeding a deep sadness.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who enters the courtyard through an iron gate and moves quietly toward the man and watches him with mild amusement?

2. What species of bird is in the birdcage?

3. Julian is intrigued by the butler's coincidence. How does the Butler feel?

4. What does Julian say when Miss Alice invites him to talk about himself?

5. To what building's architecture is this building compared?

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