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Paul Harding
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1, Part 1 (pages 1-35))


Tinkers is a Pulitzer Prize winning debut novel by Paul Harding. Centered on the last thoughts of dying protagonist George Washington Crosby, the novel explores themes of family, loss, abandonment, memory, transformation, and rites of passage. Harding’s prose is textured, multi-layered, and lyrical. In this lesson, students will identify, analyze, and discuss the narrative perspective, tone, and language style of the novel presented in Chapter 1, Part 1 (pages 1-35).


Class Activity: As a class, define “narrative perspective” in literature and identify the narrative perspectives seen in the first 35 pages of Chapter 1. Is the story told from a first, second, or third-person narrator? How does the narrative shift in this section of the novel? What indications does the author give for these changes in narrative style? Is the main, third-person narrator’s perspective limited or omniscient? How would the story differ if it were related with...

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