Tinkers Fun Activities

Paul Harding
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Character Letter

Write a letter from one person to another in the text. For example, imagine that you are Howard writing to his long-lost son, George. What do you think Howard would say in this letter?

Draw the Setting

Draw one of the descriptions of the setting in the text, or create a model or collage of the setting described.

Other Works

Read one of the author's other works and write a comparative paper discussing the similarities and differences in style, themes, and structure.

Web Page Development

Create a web page that details the persons of the text. You may choose images of actors, real people, historical images, etc. in order to portray the novel’s characters, themes, and style.

Write an Unwritten Chapter

Write an unwritten chapter for the novel. It may shed light on a particular character, give a back-story to the plot, or increase the...

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