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Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 31, who is killed during an air raid?

2. What words does Oskar use to describe the finger?

3. While in the boarding house, what does Oskar check daily?

4. In Chapter 34, how many people are on the freight car with Maria, Kurt, and Oskar?

5. Once Oskar is finally released from the hospital, where does he decide to go?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens on Oskar's date with Sister Gertrude?

2. How does Oskar envision the trial?

3. What happens to the family after the train ride?

4. How does Oskar feed his fascination with Sister Dorothea?

5. What is the attitude of Sister Dorothea when she first meets Oskar?

6. What happens to Oskar when he gets to the train station in Paris?

7. How does Oskar become wealthy?

8. Why does Oskar give Vittlar the aquamarine ring?

9. What type of apprenticeship does Oskar take on after the war?

10. Why does Maria chose to relocate to Rhineland?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What did Oskar do or say that implicated him in the murder to Sister Dorothea? Provide concrete examples from the book. Discuss possible motivations for Oskar wanting to kill her.

Essay Topic 2

Oskar is able to scream loud enough to make glass shatter. What are his motivations for this behavior? How does Oskar's glass breaking screaming change as he gets older? Does he ever stop this behavior?

Essay Topic 3

Why was Joseph Koljaiczek running from the law? Describe this event in detail. Is it likely that this event happened the way Oskar tells the story? Of the people Oskar is telling the story to, who truly believes him? Provide evidence to support your answer.

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