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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is married on the furlough?
(a) Guste and Ktzster.
(b) Maris and Ktzster.
(c) Guste and Oskar.
(d) Maria and Oskar.

2. What does Oskar say he will do so Maria does not marry again?
(a) Stop drumming.
(b) Love their son.
(c) Buy a deli.
(d) Continue growing.

3. How many glasses does Zeidler smash when he is angry with his wife?
(a) 7.
(b) 5.
(c) 8.
(d) 6.

4. How does Oskar control the customers as they cry uncontrollably?
(a) He takes the onions away.
(b) A drum solo.
(c) He yells at them.
(d) He tells a joke.

5. What is Maria's reply when Oskar asks her to marry him?
(a) It would a betrayal.
(b) They will always be friends.
(c) Never.
(d) She has committed herself to another.

6. While in the nurse's room, what does Oskar use as a drum?
(a) The wall.
(b) The bed.
(c) The nightstand.
(d) The dresser.

7. In Chapter 34, why can't Oskar drum or write?
(a) He prefers to talk to Bruno.
(b) His joints are in pain.
(c) He is not allowed.
(d) He loses his will.

8. As Oskar is in the mental hospital, what does he think Klepp is trying to do?
(a) Steal his woman.
(b) Kill him.
(c) Steal his drum.
(d) Get even.

9. What do Oskar and Klepp put in the hall of the boarding house?
(a) Fiber runner.
(b) Flowers.
(c) Their instruments.
(d) Lights.

10. What does Maria think of the Madonna 49 portrait that Oskar poses for?
(a) She is disgusted.
(b) She is saddened.
(c) She is relieved.
(d) She is impressed.

11. In Chapter 31, who is killed during an air raid?
(a) Mother Truczinski.
(b) Matzerath.
(c) Maria.
(d) Lucy.

12. What is across the street from Oskar's new apartment?
(a) A glass house.
(b) A coffin warehouse.
(c) A funeral home.
(d) A chocolate factory.

13. Why does Oskar feel entitled to keep the finger he found on the beach?
(a) It is his reward.
(b) He found it himself.
(c) No one else wants it.
(d) He was promised it at birth.

14. What does Sister Dorothea mistake Oskar for?
(a) A doll.
(b) Baby Jesus.
(c) The Devil.
(d) A clown.

15. Where do Oskar and Lankes go before the concert tour?
(a) West Germany.
(b) Danzig.
(c) France.
(d) Normandy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Vittlar and Oskar see on the streetcar?

2. As the black market dries up, who supports the family?

3. How does Oskar feel about the nurse at the boarding house?

4. What is Bebra confined to in the doctors office when Oskar visits him?

5. Who is the new suspect in the murder case?

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