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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Oskar steal from the nurse's room?
(a) Her diary.
(b) Medicine.
(c) Undergarments.
(d) Hair from her brush.

2. Who does Oskar meet at the artist's party.
(a) Klepp.
(b) Vitter.
(c) Sister Dorothea.
(d) Corporal Lankes.

3. What is the name of the nurse at the boarding house?
(a) Sister Guste.
(b) Sister Anna.
(c) Sister Dorothea.
(d) Sister Gertrude.

4. What does Oskar develop because of the bouncing of the train?
(a) Nausea.
(b) Vertigo.
(c) New drum beats.
(d) A hunchback.

5. What is across the street from Oskar's new apartment?
(a) A glass house.
(b) A chocolate factory.
(c) A coffin warehouse.
(d) A funeral home.

6. What instrument does Klepp play?
(a) Drum.
(b) Trumpet.
(c) Piano.
(d) Clarinet.

7. Who is at the hospital celebrating Oskar's birthday?
(a) Maria, Klepp, and Vittlar.
(b) Maris, Kurt, and Victor.
(c) Bruno.
(d) The midget troupe.

8. Where is Oskar the first time he meets Sister Dorothea?
(a) In the hall.
(b) In her room.
(c) In his room.
(d) In Klepp's room.

9. What does the patent leather belt represent?
(a) Happiness.
(b) Betrayal.
(c) Life.
(d) Death.

10. How old is Oskar at the beginning of Chapter 46?
(a) 30.
(b) 28.
(c) 27.
(d) 29.

11. How tall is Oskar in the hospital when Bruno measures him?
(a) 3 feet 6 inches.
(b) 4 feet 1 inch.
(c) 3 feet 3 inches.
(d) 3 feet.

12. In Chapter 34, how many people are on the freight car with Maria, Kurt, and Oskar?
(a) 32.
(b) 0.
(c) 25.
(d) 1.

13. Who visits Oskar and Lankes while on vacation?
(a) Lankes wife.
(b) Maria.
(c) Kurt.
(d) 2 dead nuns.

14. As Oskar is in the mental hospital, what does he think Klepp is trying to do?
(a) Kill him.
(b) Steal his woman.
(c) Steal his drum.
(d) Get even.

15. Who does Oskar ask to find Matzerath's party pin?
(a) Korneff.
(b) Kurt.
(c) Maria.
(d) Mr. Fajngold.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Oskar bring to the nurses in the hospital?

2. When Oskar arrives in Luneburg, why is he sent to the hospital?

3. In Chapter 33, who proposes to Maria?

4. Who is Guste engaged to?

5. What is Oskar dressed as at the artist's party?

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