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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 36, Fortuna North.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much does Oskar grow during the train ride?
(a) 3-4 inches.
(b) 1-2 inches.
(c) 3-4 feet.
(d) He does not grow.

2. What does Bruno do after not being able to find the fizz powder?
(a) Has a pharmacist make it.
(b) Brings Oskar real soda.
(c) Tells Oskar it is no use.
(d) Buys Oskar a drum.

3. In Chapter 17, who does Oskar find to assist with the search of his mother?
(a) Matzerath.
(b) Maria.
(c) Herbert.
(d) Bronski.

4. What do the German soldiers accuse Bronski of?
(a) Killing a German.
(b) Treason.
(c) Bringing a toodles into a war zone.
(d) Theft.

5. What do Maria and Kurt sell on the black market?
(a) Salt.
(b) Honey and flints.
(c) Sugar.
(d) Flower.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the gang redecorate their clubhouse?

2. Whose companionship does Oskar seek after his mother's death?

3. Lobasck, the director of training, has what distinguishing characteristic?

4. What does Oskar associate his guilt with?

5. One day Oskar is drumming down the street. Who follows him in parade-like form down the street?

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