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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17, Scrap Metal | Chapter 18, The Polish Post Office.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As an adult, what does Oskar do with his old drums?
(a) Keeps them.
(b) Throws them out.
(c) Gives them to the needy.
(d) Numbers and stores them in the basement.

2. Why does Oskar say his uncle Gregor drank?
(a) He was depressed.
(b) He was happy.
(c) He was a torough man.
(d) He was an alcoholic.

3. Oskar spends much of his time alone, drumming up and down the steps of his apartment building. How many steps does Oskar's building have?
(a) About 35 steps.
(b) Only 5 steps.
(c) Too many to count.
(d) Over 100 steps.

4. Who gets stuck in the theater seat at the beginning of Chapter 9?
(a) Oskar.
(b) Mama.
(c) Stephan.
(d) Marga.

5. In Chapter 17, who does Oskar find to assist with the search of his mother?
(a) Herbert.
(b) Maria.
(c) Bronski.
(d) Matzerath.

Short Answer Questions

1. What instrument does Mr. Meyn play?

2. Why does Matzerath think Oskar's mother eats only fish?

3. At the beginning of Chapter 17, what does Maria bring Oskar?

4. Why does Oskar's mother refuse to go in a certain room of the house?

5. Each day, Oskar sees the school children outside. What does he feel toward these children?

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