Objects & Places from The Tin Drum

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The Tin Drum

Oskar receives this as a gift on his third birthday.

Skat Cards

Albert Matzerath, his wife Agnes, and her lover Jan Bronski, love to play play with these together. These are a symbol of their strange three-way relationship.

The Finger

According to Oskar's account, he finds this mysterious object while walking along the Rhine with a borrowed rottweiler named Lux.

The Ring

When Oskar discovers this object and is confronted by Vittlar, Oskar hands over the object to ensure the man's silence.

The Polish Post Office

Against Matzerath's advice, Jan Bronski chooses to work here in Danzig's Polish-controlled sector.


This is the sixth largest Polish city; it is an important seaport that connects to most of Poland by rivers.

West Germany

After World War II, numerous characters flee to these territories.


Oskar's travels with a troupe of midget entertainers takes him to the...

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