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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1, The Wide Skirt | Chapter 2, Under the Raft)


In this lesson, students will analyze the character of Oskar as a mythical figure. Students will gain a better understanding of the author's use of this mythical figure to enhance the story.


1) Class Discussion. Engage the students in a discussion of the use of Oskar as a mythical character. What are the characteristics of a mythical figure in general? How can readers tell that he is mythical, and why might the author have chosen to include a mythical character in this story? What characteristics does Oskar possess that let the reader know this character is not real? How does the this character enhance or diminish the story? From the information provided in the first two chapters, does the reader get a sense of the real Oskar, if he even exists?

2) Writing activity. The students will write a critical character analysis of Oskar. Encourage the students...

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