The Tin Drum Character Descriptions

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Oskar Matzerath - This character has the rare combination of being perfectly rational and cognizant from the moment of birth.

Maria Truczinski Matzerath - This character is an enduring love interest of one of the other characters, although the feeling is unrequited. This character has a gift for commerce.

Agnes Koljaiczek Matzerath - This character falls in love with a first cousin, ends up marrying another, but proceeds to have a shameless affair with the cousin.

Harold Truczinski - This character is very strong, and works as a waiter at a rough waterfront bar.

Mother Truczinski - This character lives in an apartment house in Danzig, and frequently cares for a neighbor boy when he becomes too much for his parents to handle.

Kurt Matzerath - This character does not get along with the main character and throws a rock at him during their father's funeral.


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