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Chapter 1, The Wide Skirt | Chapter 2, Under the Raft

• Oskar is in the mental hospital telling the nurse and his friends stories.

• One story is about his grandmother's skirts how Joseph Koljaiczek would escape by going under them.

• Kolijaiczek, an arsonist, marries Oskar's grandmother.

• This birth of Oskar's mother is revealed.

• Koljaiczek disguises himself as Wranka and lives happily for many years.

• Oskar analyzes the alleged death of his grandfather because he is not sure he is really dead.

Chapter 3, Moth and Light Bulb | Chapter 4, The Photograph Album

• Bronski begins training at the Post office.

• Oskar's mother meets and marries Matzerath.

• Oskar is born, fully cognizant of the world.

• Oskar remembers his life through his photo album.

Chapter 5, Smash a Little Windowpane | Chapter 6, The Schedule

• Oskar decides to stop growing.

• Matzerath leaves the cellar door open and Oskar falls and lands on his head.

• Matzerath is blamed for the...

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