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Short Answer Questions

1. On which front does Odilo Unverdorben serve in the Waffen Secret Service?

2. How does Odilo Unverdorben's work affect his marriage?

3. How does the narrator think the Jews are rejuvenated in the back of the vans his unit uses to ferry Jews?

4. What is Solingen known for?

5. Who owns Auschwitz when Odilo Unverdorben visits it with his parents?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Odilo Unverdorben's relationship with his father.

2. Describe the irony of the narrator's impression of Odilo Unverdorben's relationship with Jews.

3. Describe Odilo Unverdorben's work in the Waffen Secret Service.

4. What is the narrator's last experience before he dies?

5. The narrator and Uncle Pepi both see the work at Auschwitz as 100% successful. How does their agreement, from such different viewpoints, affect the reader?

6. How does Odilo Unverdorben's language change during his time at Auschwitz?

7. Describe the similarities and differences between Odilo Unverdorben and Uncle Pepi.

8. How is the narrator right about Odilo Unverdorben's personality as a young man?

9. Describe Odilo Unverdorben's courtship of Herta.

10. Name four methods Odilo Unverdorben sees the Germans use to "process" the Jews?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Odilo Unverdorben immigrates to America to flee from his past.

1. What about America is attractive to him as a Nazi fugitive? Citing examples from the text as well as from your knowledge of American culture, describe the qualities that make America an attractive destination for Odilo. How does this compare or contrast with how we typically think of America? Is America a land of opportunity for Odilo as well?

2. If Odilo does not find contentment and forgiveness in the end, is this, to some extent, because he lives in America? Should America have been able to redeem him? Should America have brought him to justice?

Essay Topic 2

Men and women have different perspectives on the events of this book.

1. How do men's and women's perspectives differ? How are they similar? How would you characterize men's perspectives, and how would you characterize women's? Do individuals have both male and female characteristics?

2. Where do men's and women's perspectives and values come into conflict? Whose values or whose power wins those conflicts?

Essay Topic 3

The motto at Schless-Hertheim is "There is such a thing as life that is not worthy of life." Is this motto reinforced by the events that take place after the war? Is it undermined?

1. Cite specific instances from the text where characters support or contradict this motto.

2. Are characters conflicted within themselves about this idea? How do they resolve this internal conflict?

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