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Short Answer Questions

1. How does the narrator learn that a woman wants to sleep with John Young?

2. How old is John Young when he sails for Europe?

3. What does John Young tell the Reverend Kreditor when they meet?

4. Where does the narrator believe the weather is always good?

5. Where does Tod Friendly live in the beginning of the book?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when the Reverend Kreditor talks to John Young about stormy weather?

2. Can the reader sympathize with the narrator's sense of horror at John Young's work?

3. Describe how the narrator experiences driving.

4. How does John Young/Hamilton de Souza feel about his body?

5. How does the narrator feel about John Young's work?

6. How does the narrator feel about the change from America to Europe?

7. How does Tod feel about his physical body in the first chapter?

8. Describe the narrator's mindset at the beginning of the novel.

9. Describe John Young's departure from Europe.

10. Is there any place where the narrator's understanding is more accurate than Tod Friendly's?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Odilo Unverdorben has major relationships with two women, in addition to passing encounters with other women from time to time.

1. Compare and contrast his relationship with Irene and his marriage to Herta. How are these relationships similar? How are they different?

2. Describe Odilo's relationships with women other than Irene and Herta. How are these relationships different from his relationship with Irene and his marriage to Herta? What does Odilo want from each of the different relationships? What does he get?

Essay Topic 2

By the time he gets to America as John Young and then Tod Friendly, Odilo Unverdorben is on a mission to redeem himself.

1. Whose forgiveness does he seek? Does he attain it from them? Why or why not?

2. Who would Odilo have had to go to, to get forgiveness? Is there anyone with authority who could absolve him of his actions?

3. Is it enough that Odilo tries to redeem himself? Do his actions balance each other? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

How does the narrator's backwards point of view distort our experience of Odilo Unverdorben's life and actions? How does it help to reveal it? Citing specific examples from the text, describe the effect of the narrator's point of view.

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