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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2: You Have to be Cruel to be Kind.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Tod Friendly's body over time?
(a) He gets older and more infirm.
(b) He spends more and more time in the bathroom.
(c) He gets younger, stronger, and more virile.
(d) He spends less and less time masturbating.

2. What term does the narrator coin to describe the act of eating?
(a) "Vomitorium."
(b) "Celebration of food."
(c) "Feasting."
(d) "Going to the restaurant."

3. How does the narrator believe people are treated at crisis centers?
(a) Tod Friendly would heal them by operating on them.
(b) Pimps would heal women with their fists.
(c) People are asked questions about how satisfied they are with their care.
(d) Mothers would arrive kicking and screaming but leave rested and happier.

4. Where does the narrator get his mail from?
(a) The fire.
(b) The supermarket.
(c) The mailbox.
(d) The hospital.

5. Where does the narrator go when he leaves the hospital?
(a) He goes home to Main Street USA.
(b) Doctors take him to Auschwitz, where he is killed.
(c) Orderlies take him on a stretcher and put him on the ground.
(d) To the tennis court, where he plays tennis.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which war does Tod Friendly protest?

2. What sport does Tod Friendly take up?

3. In the narrator's experience, where is Tod Friendly when he begins to touch himself?

4. How does the narrator feel about Irene?

5. Who is the narrator?

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