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Chapter 1: What Comes Around Goes Around

• The narrator discovers that he is a voice in the head of Tod Friendly, who wakes up in the hospital.
• The narrator tries to determine his relationship with Tod Friendly and finds that he has no control over Tod's actions or thoughts.
• The narrator experiences Tod's life backwards, and describes eating, using the bathroom, giving toys to children and giving money to the church from his backwards perspective.
• The narrator becomes more familiar with Tod Friendly, who grows younger, gaining more control over his body and regaining his youth and strength.

Chapter 2: You Have to be Cruel to be Kind

• Irene breaks up with the narrator after a period of his dating and sleeping with other women.
• Tod Friendly works at Associated Medical Services in Gerontology before (after) he is demoted to (promoted from) the garbage detail.
• Time moves backward, and industry...

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