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Prologue, Chapters 1-5

• Prologue, Chapters 1-5

• The author begins the prologue explaining that he took a novel that had not come together well and cut out all the bad pieces.

• Vonnegut compares his reconstruction of the novel to filleting a fish.

• There is a science fiction premise that the universe stops expanding for a decade which causes a timequake.
• A timequake is where one suddenly finds themselves ten years back to the day where they have to relive the last 10 years exactly as they had before.

• The author then explains Kilgore Trout, a character who often appears in Vonnegut's novels, who is also Vonnegut's alter ego.

• Chapter 1 expounds on the way people are inclined to live.

• He finds that most people would rather get through life quickly as they invented a doomsday bomb.
• Chapter 2 goes into detail about the invention of the atomic bomb.

• Chapter 3 discusses a short...

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