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Short Answer Questions

1. What part of the Time Traveler's clothing fascinated Weena?

2. Why did the Morlocks' plan fail?

3. Which group of people is compared to the Carolingian kings in Chapter 7?

4. Faced with his loathing of the Morlocks, the Time Traveler feels like a what "in a cage"?

5. What does the Time Traveler find in the great hall of the museum?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

While this novel is considered a foundational example of the science fiction genre, Wells grounds it in actual science. Interpret the various roles "real" or actual science plays in this narrative, including a discussion of both the scientific issues discussed in the beginning of the novel as well as the scientific understanding of the world the Time Traveler uses in the future and returns to his own time with. Be sure to discuss the specific ways Wells and his characters employ science in the service of fiction.

Essay Topic 2

This novel relies on systems of symbols, one of which is the use of light and dark. What ideas, feelings, and conflicts are symbolized by light, and which by dark? On the language level, what are the major strategies Wells uses to convey these symbols? Be sure to consider setting, characterization, figurative language, dialogue, point of view, etc.

Essay Topic 3

This novel has a unique narrative shape, especially in terms of character and conflict. Consider the conflict structure and the extent to which a reader should consider the Morlocks the antagonists of the novel. What role do they play in intensifying the conflict? If they are the antagonists, who--or what--is the protagonist(s)? What ideas about humanity do these Morlocks embody, and how does that influence your analysis of them as antagonists?

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