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Chapter 1

• At the home of the Time Traveler, dinner guests include the narrator, the Medical Man, the Psychologist, Mr. Filby, and the Very Young Man.

• After dinner, the Time Traveler and his guests discuss science and geometry. The Time Traveler says that there is a Fourth Dimension, time, that is normally overlooked.

• The Time Traveler speaks of scientists working on models and mathematics of the Fourth Dimension and mentions Professor Newcomb of the New York Mathematical Society.

• The Time Traveler tells his skeptical guests that it is possible to move through time because it is just another kind of space.

• The Time Traveler reveals that he has been working on a time machine.

• The Psychologist presses the lever; the model disappears in front of them. They do not think it is a trick.

• The Time Traveler then takes his guests to the laboratory and shows them the full-scale...

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