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Steven Pressfield
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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. The executioner also held which prominent position?

2. The sailors of Athens were drawing ___ obols?

3. Alcibiades was afflicted with which problem?

4. Approximately how many lawsuits were filed?

5. What is it called when a crew turns against the ship's officer(s)?

Short Essay Questions

1. Discuss the conversation between Jason and Eunice.

2. Discuss Alcibiades' return to power in Athens.

3. Polemides shows a completely different side when it comes to his family. Examine Polemides' familial ties.

4. What happens after the Athenians execute their generals? What is the reaction of Sparta?

5. What happens to Polemides at this time? Where is he reassigned?

6. Where is Alcibiades at this time? What are his plans? What is the reaction of Polemides?

7. Discuss the scene between Jason and Polemides in the cell. What does Polemides show to Jason?

8. Discuss the reaction of the people upon Alcibiades' departure. What did the Athenians do to prevent corruption of power?

9. Examine the circumstances under which Alcibiades is named as Athens' dictator. What is Alcibiades' reaction?

10. What is Endius' opinion of Alcibiades' leadership in comparison to the leadership of Lysander?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The Athenians' invasion of Sicily was a great turning point. Discuss the invasion. Who was in charge of the Athenian fleet? How many ships were there? Where did the armada land? Was Lysander prepared to fight? What was the reaction of the Sicilians? Was Persia involved in the battle? Discuss in detail the time line of the battle. Include issues faced by each side and why both sides declared the battle to be a victory although Athens clearly lost. Examine the next step taken by each side.

Essay Topic 2

Polemides shows two different sides of himself when it comes to working as a mercenary. Discuss how Polemides got into this line of work. How was Polemides recruited? By whom? How does Polemides' professional standing as a mercenary differ from his earlier work as a soldier? How was it different when Polemides was killing people - including Meri - who were suffering from the Plague? How could Polemides be so offended by the lists of people to be executed while viewing his mercenary work as a noble profession? How does Polemides rationalize the situation? Explain.

Essay Topic 3

Endius stated that Lysander would win the war against Alcibiades. Although both men were highly skilled, Endius believed that Lysander would prevail due to his cruelty and single minded focus. Explain what Endius meant by this statement. Why was Lysander considered to be cruel? Was Alcibiades cruel? Give at least three examples in which Lysander exhibited extreme cruelty during his tenure as a Spartan general.

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