Thunderball Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why does Bond wake up feeling awful?

Bond wakes up with a nasty hangover after a night of losing at bridge, because he was too drunk to play well. He feels awful, and he does not have much to look forward to except more paperwork.

2. Why is M not pleased with Bond?

Bond's regular health checkup has come back and the results are not good. M tells Bond he has been smoking and drinking far too much.

3. How does Miss Moneypenny explain M's behavior?

M's secretary, Miss Moneypenny, explains to Bond that M has been on a health kick ever since coming back from Shrublands and Bond is his unfortunate victim.

4. What is Shrublands?

Shrublands is a high class health clinic in Sussex. M sends Bond there to encourage him to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

5. What does the driver tell Bond about Shrublands?

The driver explains that the clients cheat on their diets by binging at the local tea shops. He also tells Bond the local prostitute, Polly Grace, makes a small fortune on the clients and is now too expensive for the local boys.

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