Thunderball Character Descriptions

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James Bond

He thrives on danger, and he is ill-suited to a life without it. When his boss sends him to Shrublands for a natural health cure, the reader for the first time sees that he could, in fact, adapt to a normal life.

Ernst Stavro Blofeld

He is characterized as a very cold man. When he kills, it is not in the heat of anger. Instead, it is through cold calculation. In this way, he exists as a foil to Bond's character.

Emilio Largo

He is described as handsome and attractive to women. Still, his nose is hooked, and his air is over-slick. He is clearly an oily character.

Dominetta Vitali (Domino)

She fits into the archetype of the prostitute with the heart of gold. She sells her body for high living, but she is driven by romantic dreams. She is highly motivated by revenge.



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