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Short Answer Questions

1. Who makes a bad joke that is followed by an awkward silence?

2. How old is the character of Vershinin?

3. Where would Andrei like to be a famous lecturer if he were to have his way?

4. At what age did Masha marry Kulygin, according to the play?

5. What does Andrei really want to do with his life? What is his current goal?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens, according to Tusenbach, when Solyony is around people?

2. What is heard as Olga calls everyone to lunch?

3. What does Masha do as she is reading, which prompts Olga to tell her to stop?

4. How has Andrei changed since being with Natasha?

5. Who are now married and have a child together?

6. What are some of Irina's complaints to Olga when Olga arrives in the scene?

7. What does Natasha chatter about when she comes into this scene?

8. What happens a year ago to the day at the opening of the play?

9. What does Chebutykin reveal to Irina in the end?

10. Name the Prozoroff sisters.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When Irina reveals she has never loved, it seems to be a sad statement of her life and her future.

Part 1: Do you think Irina has truly never loved? Why or why not?

Part 2: What characters do seem capable of love? Why did you choose these characters?

Part 3: What does the idea of love seem to create in this play? In terms of those that do profess love, what happens to them?

Essay Topic 2

The setting of the play doesn't change much from beginning to end. This causes the viewer/reader to focus more on the interactions than on the space in which these interactions take place.

Part 1: List the settings of the play.

Part 2: Discuss why Chekhov may have wanted to keep the settings to a minimum. What might this achieve?

Part 3: How do you think the setting, or lack thereof, has affected the mood of this play?

Essay Topic 3

What's interesting about this play is that the men are just as flawed as the women in their actions and in their ideas.

Part 1: Compare and contrast the emotional natures of the men and the women in this play.

Part 2: Does it seem the men are 'typical' men or are they different from the stereotypical male characters? If they are different, explain how. if they are the same, explain that answer.

Part 3: Does Chekhov seem to be saying that the sexes are equal in relation to their experience of life? Support your answer.

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