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Short Answer Questions

1. Who plays the piano and entertains the others as a result?

2. Who rushes into the room and checks herself in the mirror, showing her obsession with herself?

3. Who whistles quietly to herself as she reads during the opening part of the play?

4. Where would Andrei like to be a famous lecturer if he were to have his way?

5. Who has not paid any rent in months according to Masha and Irina's conversation?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the maid come in and tell Natasha?

2. What is the celebration taking place at the time of this particular scene?

3. What does Natasha chatter about when she comes into this scene?

4. What is Andrei's dream, according to him?

5. What does Masha sarcastically comment when Natasha enters the room with a candle?

6. Where is the final act of the play set?

7. What is Masha angry about in relation to her brother?

8. What does Irina do in response to the action of #13?

9. What is the subject of Vershinin's long speech?

10. Who recalls how beautiful the sisters' mother used to be?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Solyony is aggressive in his profession of love for Irina, but the reader gets the sense that this may not be as honest as it seems.

Part 1: In what ways does Solyony profess his love for Irina?

Part 2: Do you believe Solyony really loves Irina? Why or why not?

Part 3: Do you think Solyony is capable of love? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

Olga is a curious sister in this play, with many unique attributes and ideas about life.

Part 1: Describe the character of Olga.

Part 2: Compare and contrast Olga to Natasha.

Part 3: Summarize the events which take place in Olga's life during the play. What do her experiences have to say about who she is and what her importance to the play is?

Essay Topic 3

Within this play are many examples of the number '3' - not just in the title itself. The relevance of the number '3' seems to indicate a pattern within this play and within the lives of its characters.

Part 1: List at least three examples of where the number '3' is shown in the play.

Part 2: What is the significance of the number '3' in this play?

Part 3: What might Chekhov be trying to show the viewer or the reader in using the number '3' so often?

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