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Short Answer Questions

1. Who carries a large cake as he comes in to visit with the sisters in their home?

2. How long ago did the family leave Moscow to come to the provincial area where they are now settled?

3. Who thinks it's useless to know so many languages?

4. From what country or city is Vershinin from?

5. Where does Olga now work at the start of Act 2?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do Irina and Olga talk about in relation to Moscow and their living situation?

2. What is Ferapont demanding of Andrei?

3. How has Andrei changed since being with Natasha?

4. When Tusenbach says he knows Irina does not love him, how does she respond?

5. What does Anfisa announce when she arrives at the beginning of Act 1, Part 2?

6. What does Kulygin do when he enters at the beginning of this scene?

7. Who are now married and have a child together?

8. Who believes that life ultimately has no meaning?

9. What happens a year ago to the day at the opening of the play?

10. Why can't Chebutykin help Andrei with his shortness of breath?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Faith is something that also pervades this play, showing up in moments where the characters feel they have to persevere as they believe in something better.

Part 1: How do the male characters in this play experience or share their ideas of faith with each other and with the reader/viewer?

Part 2: How do the female characters in this play experience or share their ideas of faith with each other and with the reader/viewer?

Part 3: What does this play seem to offer about faith? Is it a worthwhile thing or something that only leads to disappointment? Support your answer.

Essay Topic 2

The theme of loneliness is one that seems to float into each scene of the play. Each character seems to have their own definition of how they experience this separation from others.

Part 1: Choose two characters who have experienced loneliness and describe their experiences.

Part 2: Does loneliness seem to strengthen these characters or weaken them? Support your answer.

Part 3: What does Chekhov seem to be saying about loneliness in its effect on the sisters? Is loneliness a good or a bad thing?

Essay Topic 3

Olga is a curious sister in this play, with many unique attributes and ideas about life.

Part 1: Describe the character of Olga.

Part 2: Compare and contrast Olga to Natasha.

Part 3: Summarize the events which take place in Olga's life during the play. What do her experiences have to say about who she is and what her importance to the play is?

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