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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Tusenbach remembers how happy Irina was on what day?
(a) Birthday
(b) Name Day
(c) Wedding Day
(d) Saint Day

2. Who is being pursued by Ferapont, constantly walking away from him whenever he comes into the scene?
(a) Andrei
(b) Irina
(c) Vershinin
(d) Olga

3. Who is Irina marrying the very next day?
(a) Kulygin
(b) Vershinin
(c) Protopopov
(d) Tusenbach

4. Who does Irina discover has fallen asleep when she enters in this scene?
(a) Andrei
(b) Olga
(c) Masha
(d) Tusenbach

5. Whose house has burned to the ground according to the characters in the play?
(a) Vershinin
(b) Tusenbach
(c) Andrei
(d) Fedotik

Short Answer Questions

1. How many sections of the town have been destroyed according to reports in the scene?

2. Who says there should be a society created to help the victims of the disaster?

3. What does Masha nickname her lover although everyone knows who he is?

4. What does Natasha carry as she passes through the scene, causing Masha to accuse her of setting the fires?

5. What does Irina say she will do before begging everyone to go to Moscow?

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