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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who believes it is a shame that youth passes during the discuss of how time passes and what changes can occur?
(a) Vershinin
(b) Olga
(c) Irina
(d) Masha

2. What does Vershinin learn from the note he receives?
(a) His house burned down
(b) His wife has left him
(c) His daughter has run away
(d) His wife tried to commit suicide

3. Who tells Chebutykin that he has one of the stew ingredients wrong?
(a) Vershinin
(b) Olga
(c) Irina
(d) Solyony

4. Masha suggests that which character is not well in the head, which is no surprise to the others or to the reader?
(a) Andrei
(b) Irina
(c) Olga
(d) Natasha

5. Which character says that teaching gives her headaches, becoming one of the many complaints this character has?
(a) Olga
(b) Irina
(c) Masha
(d) Natasha

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the sisters knows Italian as an additional language to Russian?

2. Who brings Vershinin a note during the course of the scene, alerting him to news from home?

3. Who does Natasha want to not stop by, fearing for her child's rest?

4. Where does Olga now work at the start of Act 2?

5. Who has not paid any rent in months according to Masha and Irina's conversation?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where is the sisters' mother buried?

2. Why can't Chebutykin help Andrei with his shortness of breath?

3. What is Ferapont demanding of Andrei?

4. What happens a year ago to the day at the opening of the play?

5. What is Masha's response to #27?

6. Why is Natasha embarrassed when she sees Solyony?

7. What does Tusenbach tell Irina as he kisses her goodbye?

8. What is the crude joke Solyony makes about children?

9. Why did Kulygin shave off his mustache?

10. Why doesn't Natasha want the maskers to come?

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