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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 4, Part 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Masha nickname her lover although everyone knows who he is?
(a) Her secret
(b) Her affair
(c) Her toy
(d) Her man

2. Who believes it is a shame that youth passes during the discuss of how time passes and what changes can occur?
(a) Irina
(b) Masha
(c) Olga
(d) Vershinin

3. How long has Tusenbach loved Irina, according to him?
(a) 5 years
(b) 5 minutes
(c) 5 months
(d) 5 weeks

4. Tusenbach remembers how happy Irina was on what day?
(a) Saint Day
(b) Birthday
(c) Wedding Day
(d) Name Day

5. Who is the new commander of the military in the town where the sisters reside?
(a) Vershinin
(b) Chebutykin
(c) Andrei
(d) Tusenbach

Short Answer Questions

1. Which sister works at the school with the answer to #37?

2. What does Irina say she will do before begging everyone to go to Moscow?

3. Who invites everyone to dinner within this particular scene?

4. Where is the final scene set in Act 4, Part 1?

5. Who have the sisters been teasing for being in love with a girl who is engaged?

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