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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 3, Part 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who comes in looking for Masha, coming in again and again to see where she is?
(a) Ferapont
(b) Kulygin
(c) Andrei
(d) Vershinin

2. Who is worried that plans have been made to send her away since she seems to be pushed away during the scene?
(a) Olga
(b) Irina
(c) Natasha
(d) Anfisa

3. What does Masha warn Chebutykin not to do as he has embarrassed himself in the past?
(a) Drink
(b) Joke
(c) Talk
(d) Eat

4. Who gives Irina some crayons to play with, making her feel again like she is treated like a child?
(a) Solyony
(b) Andrei
(c) Olga
(d) Fedotik

5. Who always brings extravagant presents for the sisters as he feels he loves them as much as their mother did?
(a) Chebutykin
(b) Ferapont
(c) Vershinin
(d) Tusenbach

Short Answer Questions

1. Natasha wonders if the mismatching clothes are some sort of __________.

2. Olga says the whole town is gossiping about whom, much to her dismay?

3. Who comes in apologizing for his behavior and talking about loving Irina?

4. What is the gift that arrives for the sisters from the answer to #16?

5. How old is the character of Vershinin?

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