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Act 1, Part 1

• Olga, Masha and Irina are hosting a party for Irina's Saint's Day.

• Tusenbach announces their new commander Vershinin will be visiting later.

• Olga jokes about Irina lying in bed thinking too much.

• Masha says she is going to go, but that she will be back later.

• Chebutykin comes in with a large silver samovar as a gift, which embarrasses the sisters.

Act 1, Part 2

• Anifisa announces the arrival of Vershinin.

• The gathering is awkward at times, with some people making bad jokes and silences.

• Andrei plays his violin.

• Andrei jokes now that the sisters know Vershinin, who is from Moscow, they will never leave Vershinin alone.

• The sisters and brother taunt each other, hurting each other's feelings.

• Tusenbach talks about how a beautiful life must be earned.

Act 1, Part 3

• Kulygin comes in and gives Irina a book he wrote but Irina tells him he already gave her...

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